CMAQv5.0 Emission Changes

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Emissions Changes for CMAQv5.0

George Pouliot

Changes to emissions for CMAQv5.0 can be summarized into 3 major updates:

  1. Windblown Dust Emissions as an inline option in CMAQ
  2. Lightning NOx as an inline option in CMAQ
  3. Changes to Emission Processing for AERO6

AERO6 requires additional PM Species. Previous Versions of CMAQ required PM2.5 to be split into PEC, POC, PNO3, PSO4, and PMFINE. AERO6 requires additional species (e.g. trace metals). These species are PH20, PCL, PNCOM, PCA, PSI, PMG, PMN, PNA, PNH4, PAL, PFE, PTI, PK, PMOTHR. These additional species can be created using SMOKE version 2.4 or later.

We are providing examples for the GSPRO and GSREF files to create emissions for AERO6. Note that these sample files also include PMFINE for backward compatibility (if you also want to use these emissions for AERO5 applications). Theses sample files only provide speciation for PM2.5 and are not complete inputs for SMOKE. For a complete set of SMOKE inputs see EPA's Emission Modeling Clearinghouse