CMAQv5.0 PM emitted species list

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Emitted Anthropogenic PM species in CMAQ (All species must be included in emissions input files, even if values are set to 0). Fine mode species will be split into I and J size bins within the CMAQ model. This table does not list PM emissions from sea salt or windblown dust which are calculated within the CMAQ model and are not included in the input files.

Emitted species name Corresponding CMAQ species Species description Species status
PSO4 ASO4J Fine mode sulfate Existing CMAQ species
PNO3 ANO3J Fine mode nitrate Existing CMAQ species
PCL ACLJ Fine mode particulate chloride Newly-emitted existing CMAQ species
PNH4 ANH4J Fine particulate ammonium Newly-emitted existing CMAQ species
PNA ANAJ Fine mode sodium Newly-emitted existing CMAQ species
PCA ACAJ Fine mode calcium New CMAQ species
PMG AMGJ Fine mode magnesium New CMAQ species
PK AKJ Fine mode potassium New CMAQ species
POC APOCI and APOCJ Fine mode primary organic carbon Existing CMAQ species - new name
PNCOM APNCOMI and APNCOMJ Fine mode primary non-carbon organic matter New CMAQ species
PEC AECI and AECJ Fine mode elemental carbon Existing CMAQ species
PFE AFEJ Fine mode iron New CMAQ species
PAL AALJ Fine mode aluminum New CMAQ species
PSI ASIJ Fine mode silicon New CMAQ species
PTI ATIJ Fine mode titanium New CMAQ species
PMN AMNJ Fine mode manganese New CMAQ species
PH2O AH2OJ Fine mode particulate water Newly-emitted existing CMAQ species
PMOTHR AOTHRJ Remaining unspeciated fine mode primary PM Existing CMAQ species - new name
PMC ACORS Coarse mode primary PM Existing CMAQ species