CMAQv5.0 SMOKE file

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Information about SMOKE - 24 May 2011

George Pouliot

The Sparse Matrix Operator Kernel Emission (SMOKE) model was developed by the Environmental Modeling Center at MCNC under cooperative research agreements and contracts with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Development of SMOKE continues at UNC-IE and is partially supported by CMAS.

The emissions data used in this release of CMAQ were prepared with SMOKE.

SMOKE code is open source Fortran90 code, and is consistent with the netCDF I/O API convention used by CMAQ.

A full description of SMOKE, and its capabilities is available at

The most recently released version of SMOKE (version 2.7) may be downloaded from

A user manual, including file formats, a separate test case and other relevant links are available on the SMOKE page. Click on "Download SMOKE" to access the SMOKE code and specific installation instructions for your system.

A Full Set of Emission Inventory Data Files, Scripts and Documentation, for the 2001, 2002, and 2005-based platforms from the Clearinghouse for Inventories & Emissions Factors of Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards Technology Transfer Network is available at