CMAQv5.1 Windblown Dust Emissions Updates

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Brief Description

Updates to windblown dust emissions

  • added land use module to expand options beyond BELD3
  • modified some of the parameterizations to be consistent with the literature
  • improved diagnostic file variables descriptions
  • testing for the CONUS shows sporadic cases where the windblown dust generates excessive PM concentrations (over 3000 μg/m**3) where surface winds exceed 10 m/s, i.e. dust storms
  • we are working on new parameterizations based on more recent research to address this issue

Significance and Impact

No anticipated effect on runtime.

Affected files

Modified files

  • emis/emis/DUST_EMIS.F
  • emis/emis/LUS_DEFN.F (new)
  • emis/emis/tfabove.F
  • emis/emis/tfbelow.F

New required run-script flags:

setenv CTM_WBDUST_BELD      BELD3 # Windblown dust setting



Jeff Young, and Hosein Foroutan, National Exposure Research Laboratory, U.S. EPA