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VERDI 1.4 User Manual

VERDI 1.4 Release Notes

These notes describe the difference between the previous public releases of VERDI(version 1.3) and the current version 1.4. The notes describe:

  • New Features
  • Bug Fixes
  • Known Issues
  • Build Environment

New Features:

  • New projection types are supported for the fast tile plot (Mercator, UTM, etc.).
  • Grid cell time-aggregate statistics (e.g., per-cell maximum 8-hour average, hours of non-compliance, etc.) feature is available in Fast Tile Plot.
  • Batch scripting capability has been added into both the GUI window and the command line.
  • Adding multiple observational overlay data sets is now supported.
  • Adding vector overlay data is now supported by the fast tile plot.
  • Adding and configuring multiple GIS layers are now supported by the fast tile plot
  • New remote file access capability has been added to allow users to run VERDI locally and to access data from remote server.
  • Ability to export CMAQ data and the results of VERDI formulas as ESRI Shapefiles (.shp) and ASCII Grid files (.asc).
  • Allow alternative numeric scale--logarithmic to the fast tile plot
  • All text on fast tile plots is configurable so that the font, size, color, etc can be changed. Users have the option to turn off the display of a particular text item.
  • Allow user to specify a time step with a variable in the formula's panel
  • Support CSV type and tab delimited format for observational data
  • Remote hosts list is configurable through file
  • Remote file reading utility program and ssh program path are now configurable through file
  • Temporary folder for storing subsetted remote data files is now configurable through file
  • A splash screen is added at the start of the program
  • A minor change of the GUI's look and feel happened due to the change of docking frame libraries

The following bug fixes are included in VERDI version 1.4: Bugzilla Id: Description

2574: Problem with Map Projections other than Lambert (other map projections are now recognized- this may have been fixed in version 1.2) 3166: Not able to specify a limited layer range within a script - this results in a layer mismatch between two files

The following are known Issues in VERDI version 1.4:

2503: BCON file support is not available 2640: Bilinear interpolation (smoothing) of data is not available 3014: VERDI does not support some WRF file formats Tile plots not displayed completely (sometimes the legend or domain label is not visible)

Improve documentation on a blue-red diverging palette that is appropriate for some types of plots Move the metadata button to a better place - perhaps to the popup menu for the dataset Pan function should be added to fast tile plot MPEG movie export is not available Slow down factor - would be nice to have it register the value without having to hit enter Add kmz export for gridded data Vector plots give a sense of direction but not magnitude Formulas independent of the input files timestamp; example> allowing monthly average PM2.5 to be added and averaged over 3 consecutive months (3 different files) with different IOAPI date stamps Need capability of reversing the color scheme in the tile plot configuration menu Support vector overlay with magnitude for fast tile plot Subdomain selected from within the domain editor starts with values of 1 for x and y domain axis on fast tile plot, rather than keeping the range value of the larger domain Batch script doesn't support multiple time steps, layers and subset domains Areal interpolation calculation assumes units of concentration per meter squared for the gridded data. Need to provide unit checking, and conversion (ie. Concentration interpolated using a area file to concentration per area) to support areal interpolation of air quality data in addition to water deposition data.)

The Build Environment for VERDI version 1.4 is:

   Java 6 - java version "1.6.0_13" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_13-b03)
   Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 11.3-b02, mixed mode, sharing)