CMAQ version 5.0.1 (July 2012 release) Technical Documentation

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Refer to the CMAQv5.0 Technical Documentation for information on the technical features of this version.

RELEASE_NOTES for CMAQv5.0.1 - July 2012

The changes for this release are:

  1. AQCHEM (base and MP version)
    • Fixed bug where negative oxidized Fe and Mn concentrations resulted in negative oxidation time steps, which caused the estimated wet deposition factor, WETFAC to blow up
    • The washout rate was removed from the calculation of the estimate for doubling the time step if the sulfur oxidized is < 5%.
  2. NML & runscripts (CCTM, ICON, BCON)
    • Changed the environment variable name for the CGRID species Namelist files from an embedded '.' to '_'.
  3. ICON
    • Moved mapping_init.F from par module to m3conc module where it belongs
  4. Inline BEIS
    • Bounded COSZEN against numerical rounding errors
    • Made Pleim-Xiu version the default method for soil data in soil NO subroutine
  5. Inline Plume Rise (point source emissions)
    • Fixed the number of substeps, NTICS to be the number of synchronization time steps rather than the number of seconds in the calculation of the average plume rise emissions for the diagnostic file.
  6. M3DRY
    • fixed errors in crop_lai
    • Soil NH3 initialization was rewritten for new daily EPIC output which now includes soil NH3 from mineralization of organic but no longer includes the monthly fertilizer totals
    • Set bounds on the soil pH for fertilized AG landuse
    • corrected soil NH4 and H+ initialization error
  7. Advection
    • changed default HDIV_LIM to 0.9; made CFL an env var
  8. BLDMAKE utility