CMAQ version 5.0.2 (April 2014 release) Technical Documentation

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Refer to the CMAQv5.0 Technical Documentation for information on the technical features of this version.

Release Notes for CMAQv5.0.2 - May 2014

CMAQ version 5.0.2 is an incremental update to CMAQ version 5.0.1 that includes several changes to the science algorithms in the base model and new diagnostic/scientific modules. The instrumented versions of the model provide CMAQ users with diagnostic tools for help in interpreting model performance and results. Community versions of the model include new science algorithms contributed by development groups outside of EPA. This release also includes an update to the meteorology-chemistry (WRF-CMAQ) coupled version of the model. Build instructions, how to run a model test case, and details of the changes included in CMAQv5.0.2 are provided below.

CMAQ DDM Code Patch - April 2015

The aerosol sensitivity code was updated to ensure stability and robustness for fine scale model applications. Propagating sensitivity through some ISORROPIA cases were found to be unstable under certain conditions. These cases were replaced with solutions for a more simple ion system. Other minor changes were made to how small numbers are handled by the sensitivity code. Sensitivity to activity coefficients was also found to function improperly and was disabled. Finally, updates to sensitivity of minor ions in aqueous chemistry were also disable to further ensure stable model solutions.

The release includes the updates from the September 2014 patch.

Base Documentation

Changes and new features

Instrumented Models

Community Contributions

  • VBS contributed by Ramboll Environ Corp.
  • APT contributed by Ramboll Environ Corp.

Base Model Changes