CMAQ version 5.2 (June 2017 release) Technical Documentation

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Release Notes for CMAQv5.2 - June 2017

The Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) modeling system Version 5.2 (CMAQv5.2) was released in June 2017.

The CMAQv5.2 official release repository is available from the U.S. EPA GitHub site.

Complete documentation for CMAQv5.2, including build instructions and technical features are available from the CMAQv5.2 GitHub page.

Release Testing

The CMAS Center tested the CMAQv5.2 release package with the Portland Group, Intel, and GNU Fortran compilers. The CMAQv5.2 beta package release testing explored different science configurations in addition to the different serial and parallel configurations. The results of the CMAS Center tests for the CMAQv5.2 official release, including run times for different compilers and configurations are provided below. The CMAQv5.2 tests were conducted with the U.S. EPA benchmark domain July 2, 2011 testing dataset.

Compiler flags:

  • PGI: -Mfixed -O3 -Mextend
  • GCC: -ffixed-form -ffixed-line-length-132 -O3 -funroll-loops -finit-character=32
  • Intel: -fixed -132 -O3 -override-limits -fno-alias -mp1 -fp-model precise -fp-model source -shared-intel -openmp
  • In the Intel Basic Test: -fixed -132 -O3 -openmp
  • In the NoOpt Tests: -O0 with extend source and fixed line length flags

Compilation Testing Plots

Table 1. CMAQv5.2 compilation testing manifest
Scenario Compiler netCDF I/O API MPI_YN (#P) MPI CMAQv5.2beta Timing
CMAQv5.2 Timing
Gfortran MVAPICH2 Gfortran version 4.8.1 4.1.1 3.1 (Nov 2015) Y (16) mvapich2-1.7 0:45:55 0:37:01 UNC module mvapich2_gcc/4.8.1
Intel MVAPICH2 Intel Fortran version 15.0 4.1.1 3.1 (Nov 2015) Y (16) mvapich2-1.7 0:35:29 0:27:12 UNC module mvapich2_intel/15.0
Portland Serial PG Fortran version 16.1 4.1.1 3.1 (Nov 2015) N N/A 7:33:36 5:55:42 UNC module pgi/16.1
Portland MVAPICH2 PGI Fortran version 15.7 4.1.1 3.1 (Nov 2015) Y (16) mvapich2-1.7 0:40:20 0:26:34 UNC module mvapich2_pgi/15.7