CMAQ version 5.3.2 Compiler Test

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Obtained the CMAQv5.3.2 code from git clone -b v532_20200702 CMAQ_REPO

Followed the gcc Library build tutorial to build netCDF C, netCDF Fortran, ioapi3.2 Libraries using gcc compiler. Made some minor updates to the tutorial.

Using the following input data:

setenv INPDIR  /proj/ie/proj/CMAS/WRF-CMAQ/from_EPA/from_gdrive/CMAQv5.3.1_Benchmark_2Day_Input/2016_12SE1 

Scatter Plots showing comparison between Fahim's runs on Atmos, and my runs on dogwood (side-by-side comparison of 8pe base vs 16 pe base).

Percent difference plots showing comparison between Fahim's run on Atmos and my run on dogwood.

Table of Plots:

debug base vs debug optimized base vs opt debug base vs debug and opt