MCIP version 4.1 Release Notes

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Changes to MCIPv4.1 were made by Tanya Otte (U.S. EPA). User contributions are also noted below. The detailed list of changes to the MCIP code is in the CHANGES file, which is part of the MCIP tar file in the "doc" sub-directory of the MCIP release package (available through

  • MCIPv4.1 requires an upgrade to I/O API version 3.1 to support error-checking within the I/O API. This is consistent with the requirement for I/O API v3.1 with CMAQv5.0.1 (released concurrently with MCIPv4.1).
  • MCIPv4.1 requires the netCDF F90 module (rather than the F77 include).
  • Interactions with the following users (in alphabetical order) have resulted in some of the code changes/corrections that were made for MCIPv4.1:
    • Kathy Brehme, CSC, Research Triangle Park, NC
    • Ruen Tang, CSC, Research Triangle Park, NC

The following is a summary of the changes in MCIPv4.1:

  1. Updated code and made minor corrections to handle spectral nudging runs from WRF.
  2. Force 2-m water vapor mixing ratio from WRF with YSU PBL to be filled with layer 1 QVAPOR to avoid occasional Q2 < 0 in wintertime.
  3. Corrected error in tipping bucket precipitation calculation for long WRF runs.
  4. Added provision for calculating Monin-Obukhov length when the sensible heat flux is 0.
  5. Updated metadata for new physics options in WRFv3.4.